Make the Breast Pump Not Suck

An Equity-Centered Movement



The Make the Breast Pump Not Suck project catalyzes equity-centered innovation in postpartum healthcare. We build creative collaborations across differences in the breastfeeding ecosystem and consult on equity-based design. Join the global community of breastfeeding innovators here to stay involved. Are you interested in working together or want to fund this work? Email us!

Herstory in the making

The project began at the 2014 hackathon, where 150 designers, developers, mothers, fathers and babies converged to create better breastpumps, nursing environments, and support systems for breastfeeding moms. The event received over 90 articles in the global press and viral attention on social media. After the hackathon ended, we produced an online documentary, created a Facebook community and wrote two peer-reviewed research papers. The 2018 hackathon and policy summit expanded the scope and focus of the event by calling on cultural and equitable systemic change, in addition to innovating the breast pump. Leading up to the event, we compiled nationwide research in “Speaking Our Truths 27 Stories of What It's Really Like to Breastfeed and Pump in the United States”, supported a community innovation program, curated an art exhibit, and more. Watch the documentary below and read the coverage from ABC News, the Atlantic, and Vogue.



The Detroit Birth and Breastfeeding Hackathon

In 2019 we collaborated with Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association, Black Breastfeeding Week, and Harambee Care, to co-produce an innovation event for reducing preterm birth and infant mortality rates amongst Black Detroiters.